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There are "other" worlds but they are in this one.

Take off you from the feet to the head: If we are born naked and tidy ourselves up nudes... Why coño do the swim suits exist "really"?. Why so many shame and so much absurd fears?. Why so many moralismo hypocritical?. Why religion are they so represoras? Why does not the Spanish Government apply the Laws? Why so many and so many "disinformation" (?) in the means and in the police forces?... Live nakedness natural!: BAREFOOTED UP TO THE NECK.

The important thing is to undress the mind. To undress it of prejudices to see the things naturally and as they are. There is no slavery more radical than that of the concepts. To undress the mind is to take from him the clothes of the language, of the thought, of the history, of dice, to dare to live through the freedom of a new and creative life discovering all the time everything what we can be. A being whom in the infancy the tenderness was not castrating, was not breaking his essential identification with the life, a being this way serious pure happiness. When you do not have to demonstrate your all that you cost, you are capable of managing and accept yourself as are, then you begin being free and based on this freedom, you decide to reconsider what you need to live of a tidy form as your expectations, prioritizing what you consider to be principal, since you do not feel already coerced by the social environment that surrounds you, establishing a few new rules of coexistence and of self-sufficiency, knowing that this is your truth, now, like punctual truth in the time and in the space.

Press release of laFEN, Spanish Federation of Nudism on the fines for nudism of the Town hall of Cadiz
On August 12 we were waking up with the new ordinance of beaches of Tenerife. Since it could not be otherwise, the above mentioned ordinance contains neither any reference to the clothing that has to take in the beaches, nor any beach reservation for no group: in Tenerife the beaches keep on being for all the citizens, to "be", as he says the Law of Coasts.A few hours before reading this news, which should not be a news, they were coming to the domiciles of three citizens you fine for “doing nudism”, in Cadiz.

In 1984 the last echoes of the late Franco period were sounding and the town hall of Baroña (I carry do They Are) it sued 14 nudists, who were led to the barracks of the Civil Guard of Porto do Son and then to that of Santiago de Compostela, 50 kilometers, "where they took pictures to us and the feet measured us, we even do not know why". Another six nudists stopped in the beach of Bar, in Cangas de Morrazo, were judged for the Provincial Hearing of Pontevedra, which condemned them to one month and a day of arrest, fine for 20.000 pesetas and six years and a day of professional disqualification. The Supreme Court would refuse the resource of a young woman pontevedresa in a historical judgment in which the nudism was qualified like "this comeback to times edénicos previous to the original sin". Known the mistake, the Galician pioneers of the nudism repeated his legislative requests of abolition of the crime of scandal. But it was still necessary to wait to March, 1987 so that they should begin the proposals of suppression of the public scandal and 1989 so that by means of an Organic Law (5/1988 of June 9) there was abolished the crime of public scandal or the "actions that they offend to the decency and the good customs".

The battle to finish the criminalization of the nakedness took place in the 80s, and closed in 1989. Our Spanish Parliament by means of Organic Law modified the Penal code so that no town hall could behave again as it did that of Porto do Son, and so that no judge could admit even to step a sanction for mere nakedness and less still in a beach. It eliminated this crime for being “radically incompatible with a democratic order and pluralista like the one that the Constitution dedicates”, he says to us the Official Bulletin of the General Spanish Parliament of the Congress of the deputies in the explanatory preamble paragraph for the abolition of the public scandal.
To the town hall of Cadiz they seem to import for him neither the treatises of our deputies, nor the organic laws that come from our Spanish Parliament. To the town hall of Cadiz he is not interested in the history of the attainment of our freedoms. Pero al Tribunal Superior of Justice of Andalusia yes. That's why we have asked this high court to be especially hard in the mistake against this contumacious town hall, not to save epithets and to urge them to form the agents of the authority that on him depend. The citizens we ask for a model judgment, which he should avoid in the future and once and for all, similar outrages of this or any other consistory. But the worn-out public resources and the time of our high Court they demand to receive some type of tax from him beyond the condemnation to costs (that they do not pay, but the citizens) and the ridiculous one of a town hall acting as in the 80s, they demand at least a resignation, and this must be undoubtedly that of the beach Councilman and Cemetery.
The FEN will appeal the fines imposed on these three brave ones that came to the call of the “day without swimsuit”, that has being realized once a year, every third Sunday of July, in all the areas of bath (included the swimming pool of the Complutense University from this year) of our free nation.
The Spanish we can feel prides of the change produced in 1989. Julián, one of the fined ones, usually says: "in the USA it is a crime nude bathes in the beaches and nevertheless it is a constitutional law to take weapon; in Spain it is the other way round. I feel proud to be Spanish!” The FEN asks all the citizens to keep on exercising his right to dress themselves as they want in all the beaches of Cadiz, and that notify to us any infraction or warning received from the policemen. We suggest to the policemen to refuse to act like police officers of the morality before the absolute safety of whom the denounced points of the ordinance will be withdrawn, and with severity, by the high Court, and of whom the fines that they impose will not even be admitted to step by any judge.

Source On August:13, 2010, Spanish Federation of Nudism (FEN); Press release on the fines for nudism of the Town hall of Cadiz

- Do you fine persons nudists in Cadiz?:También in Cadiz the wall will fall down... (... there are MANY people with peak and spade on foot of work)

Anncaje has already activated the funds reception to help to face juridically the defender against the denunciations and sanctions that from Town hall of Cadiz have been imposed and impose nudists for bathing in beaches from Cadiz.
The collected will not be assined to the fines payment, and YES in the juridical defense of the nudism the nudists and opposite to the harassment to which the persons turn out to be submitted nudists in the crusade supported against them by the Town hall of Cadiz (governed by a team of the PP) and that will formulate resources and all the legal routes will exhaust all, without exepción...
As our possibilities we are ready to come to the highest Judicial instances facing to the pretensions recaudatorias municipal and in defense of the free exercise of our constitutional rights opposite to the voraciousness of the municipal government of "popular" Mrs. Mrs Teófila Martínez and in exiguencia from all the direct, united and/or subsidiary responsibilities in Right it come...

ANNCAJE makes the call extensive to all, without exepción, the adherent or not adherent associations to the Spanish Federation of Nudism (FEN) and of INF-FNI (International Naturist Federation ) and the particular persons - nudists and textile not intransigent democrats - to realize his contributions in the account opened in the division native of Jerez de la Frontera of the Box of Badajoz:

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